Leading edge


The Select Platform uses innovative technology to provide next-generation functionality, while saving you valuable time and helping you prepare your business for the future.

Doing more for you

As you’d expect from next-generation technology, the Select Platform has been designed to do more of the heavy lifting for you. More processes can be automated, so, for example, payments received can be linked to trade instructions for automatic investment into models.


Integrating with your systems

You and your business can enjoy all the benefits of our platform’s greater integration with back-office systems. Our technology will integrate seamlessly with back-office systems and your favoured analytical tools. This provides a range of benefits, including reducing the need to enter data more than once, thus saving time and increasing business efficiency.


Always there for you

We can add new functionality to the platform without ‘down time’ that’s frustrating for you and your clients. That’s because we use the latest cloud-based micro services architecture, where software is composed of small independent services communicating smoothly and effectively with each other.


Future-proofing your business

When your clients join the platform there are no forms to print and post – it’s all done online. But that’s only the start. We’re continually developing new ways to use our technology to save you time and help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. We’ll help you ‘future-proof’ your business.


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